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  • How to Look Youthful & Rested!

    “Has this image been ‘photoshopped’?” No {Just watch the video below and you’ll see this ‘Before’ & ‘After’ in action!} Today, a makeup artist shows you how… …Watch my video tutorial! SHOP The Look Now… we’re delivering […]

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  • The 6 Biggest Mascara Mistakes: Solved

    It’s so annoying when you’ve put on the most fabulous eye makeup and then it all falls apart as you apply the mascara…blobs, clumps, smudges….grrr! You just don’t want to have to […]

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  • Smokey Eye Tutorial For Beginners!

    Watch this and discover my smokey eye secrets… So many lovely women I meet tell me that they struggle to do a smokey eye that looks soft and sultry and compliments their age. […]

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